November Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Win Your $100 Amazon Gift Card in November!

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WooHOO, we are giving away BIG in November and you could win a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

But wait, there’s more. If we get enough entries into our November Amazon Gift Card Giveaway, we are going to give two more $100 Amazon Gift Cards away!

November Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

You read right. A total of up to $300 in Amazon Gift Cards is up for grabs.

Do you feel lucky?

Here’s how it works:

  • 1-8000 entries: $100 awarded
  • 8001-16000 entries: 2nd $100 awarded
  • 16000+ entries: 3rd $100 awarded

It’s so simple and super exciting to think we might be able to give away not one but THREE Amazon Gift Cards in this giving month of November. We know we’re giving away at least one. Can we do all three?

Here’s how to enter to win your Amazon Gift Card in November:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Official November Giveaway Rules

As you can see, you have multiple opportunities to enter:

  • Tweet this post (available once per day)
  • Pin Tina’s delicious cinnamon rolls
  • Visit up to three other tasty posts and comment (or share, the more who enter, the more will win)
  • Visit Tina’s growing Facebook page for all the latest yummy updates

We are running this fabulous November Amazon Gift Card Giveaway here, as well as giving up to $300 away on each of our sister sites (details at the bottom of this post). There is a total of up to $900 up for grabs this month and we want to give it ALL away. Can we do it?

Get entered, spread the word, and we will see you at the winner’s table.


Sandra Lynn @ GFF




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Good luck to ALL! πŸ™‚

What will you spend your November winnings on?

204 thoughts on “Win Your $100 Amazon Gift Card in November!

  1. I’d use it for my daughters b-day it’s Christmas Eve & she normally gets a little jipped on it due to Christmas being the next day!

  2. I will buy Christmas gifts for my Grand daughter Zoey , we take care of her , things have been hard for us please and thank you

  3. The person I would spend the money on on Amazon would be my husband. With 2 sons (ages 21 and 18) and a 4 year old granddaughter, as far as gifts go, my husband often ends up neglected. He has always wanted a fish finder and if I won this I would be able to buy it for him.

  4. I would normally spend it on my kids for Christmas, but I think if I win I may buy myself some much needed makeup and maybe a purse.

  5. I would use the wito buy Christmas presents for my loved ones. This would be an amazing blessing for anyone to help with Shopping costs. Thank you so much for the fantastic opportunity. Good luck everyone, Happy Holidays!

  6. If I am lucky enough to win – I will put the money towards buying items off of the children’s amazon wish lists for Christmas!


  7. I will spend my winnings on pet food. I’d like to see what’s online because all the stores I go to are not having any sales where I can find savings on quality pet food.

  8. I would love to say I would spend it on holiday shopping but honestly I just found out that amazon has all this amazing gluten free baking items that I desperately want. I went gluten free in February. Since going gluten free I feel so much better (never should have listened to my doctor telling me I didn’t need to do it). I also lost 40 lbs, cholesterol went down 200 points in 3 months… all this without medication, without dieting and without exercise. So clearly gluten was my problem. My dizziness went away too. I wish I had done it sooner- but I do miss the occasional cookies and bread. Amazon today I was perusing and found all kinds of gluten free alternatives for baking that I never knew existed! I want my bread, cookies and to be gluten free. So basically my life is Paleo right now and I need some gluten free stuff and that is where they money will go. I have a prime pantry box full in my cart just waiting for the money to buy it all.

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