Gluten-Free Breakfast Recipe Collections

Gluten-Free Breakfast Recipe Collections

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I’m going to start the month off with one of my Gluten-Free Breakfast Recipe Collections. In this collection you’ll find five of my most downloaded/printed recipes that have been viewed during the month they were posted.

Gluten Free Breakfast Recipe Collections

So let’s get started and plan your work week with some tasty breakfast ideas!

Quick and Easy Potato Egg Baskets Recipe

From Dana – These are adorable and they look ridiculously good. Definitely going to make these sometime. Can you believe my husband hates potatoes? That’s okay, more for me.

These little Egg Baskets are a favorite with all the grandchildren and it’s one of their favorites to request, besides pancakes. The best part is they all get done at the same time so there’s no one waiting. Everyone gets to eat breakfast together and talk about what the day holds for them. Start your family off with something warm and delicious before sending them out the door. These little Egg Baskets are really very simple to make and are great to serve when you are hosting a brunch as well.


Abby – Yum! I love homemade English muffins. I’ve never had a gluten-free version, but if they’re even close to as good as the recipes I’ve made, they’re awesome. I love to eat mine toasted and spread with homemade strawberry jam.

One of my personal favorites are these Easy English Muffins. When I had to go gluten-free I had to give up a lot of my favorite foods until I learned out to make them for myself. Well, at the top of my list are these delicious English Muffins. There’s nothing better than to bite into a warm delicious muffin with butter and your favorite jam. I think I ate these tasty muffins every day for a month after I perfected the recipe.


Tianna – yum! Thanks for sharing these! I love waffles so it’s good to have a somewhat healthier recipe

Waffles, did I hear someone say, fix me waffles? I hear that at least a couple times per month or when the grandchildren scream “waffles, please”. They sure do have me wrapped around their little fingers and certainly know how to get what they want fixed at any time of the day when they visit. All they have to do is give me a peck on the check and an I love you and I’m hooked every single time. These delicious quick and easy waffles are a great crowd pleaser as well. Serve up some tasty Cinnamon Oat Waffles today.


Pie Rivera – Pancakes brighten my day. I even eat them at snack time or dinner when I am so lazy to cook. Just add some fruits and voila! This is a great addition to my pancake menu! Thanks Tina, they are looking so yummy!

This Strawberry Rhubarb Pancakes are a seasonal loved food around here. We have an “alien rhubarb” plant in our yard that produces the whole season. We get to pick fresh rhubarb throughout the summer and into the fall. When you put the rhubarb with some fresh strawberries and make pancakes you’re going to have a line waiting at the table to try these tasty pancakes. Very simple and quick to make and you can even get the family involved in the kitchen when making these. Put a smile on their face and serve up some Strawberry Rhubarb Pancakes for your crowd.


Dawn – This looks really good. Great idea.

This Rhubarb Blueberry Syrup is a favorite with everyone. We use in on pancakes, waffles, muffins, toast, ice cream, and anything else we can think of. It’s great to use in an adult beverage to give it that little kick you’re looking for or put a couple of teaspoons into some orange juice and serve it at breakfast with some of those delicious Strawberry Rhubarb Pancakes or waffles. You can use this Rhubarb Blueberry Syrup in almost anything.

I hope you enjoy this little round up of my Gluten-Free Breakfast Recipe Collections as much as we have around here. There is nothing like starting your day off with a delicious breakfast with your family. Breakfast at the table is time to plan your day and include some laughs and smiles all around the table.

From my kitchen to yours,

Tina Marie


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Oh, remember if you have a recipe you need converted over into a delicious gluten-free recipe, please let me know and I would be more than happy to give it a whirl.

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