Fall Into Soups – From Around the World

Fall Into Soups – From Around the World

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I know, it’s only August and I’m jumping the soup bowl already with this Fall Into Soups round-up from around the world, but I just can’t help myself! Fall is fast approaching here in Maine, and that’s the best time to get the stock pots and crock pots out for some delicious soups. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax, and Fall Into Soups from Around the World and collect all these recipes for some rich satisfying comfort foods.

Fall Into Soups

Fall Into Soups – Recipes from Around the World!

French Onion - Tracy

Look at this delicious French Onion Soup from Scratch! Tracy has really been busy with her new born baby girl (cute as a button) and what better way to spend more time with a little precious being then to free up some time in the kitchen by making a delicious and filling bowl of French Onion Soup. She uses tasty ham stock and creamy gruyere cheese that’s makes it lip smacking good! The first bowl is a good as the last bowl! Head on over and visit Tracy at Served from Scratch and get your recipe for her French Onion Soup from Scratch! While you’re there congratulate her and her husband on the birth of their first child!


Pie Rivera starts her cooler weather out with one of her traditional family recipes of Chicken Sopas. It’s made with fresh vegetables, chicken and a lot of other delicious ingredients. With her quick and easy recipe, you can be in and out of the kitchen in no time at all. While the soup is cooking get out your favorite movie, book, your favorite blanket and cuddle up with a warm bowl of Chicken Sopas from Pie at Eat to Your Heart’s Content.

Renee - Healthy-Chicken-Soup-2

Renee has added some delicious roasted cherry tomatoes to her warm and inviting Healthy Chicken Soup. I could seriously stick my spoon through the screen and grab a bite of it right now (I wish). She uses her homemade stock (which can be used in other recipes as well) to start of this wonderful soup, and she tops it off with some fresh grated Parmesan cheese, that will add a little extra salty goodness with that tangy  Parmesan cheesy taste. This Healthy Chicken Soup is sure to drive away those chilly days of fall. Head on over and see Renee over at Joy in Every Season and grab your recipe for this delicious soul warming Healthy Chicken Soup.

Karen - Cheese Tortellini

Karen has a wonderfully delicious Cheese Tortellini Soup with Kielbasa, Kale and Cannellini that looks simply divine. Personally, I love the idea of kielbasa and kale in any soup! The kielbasa adds an extra spicy (not hot) taste to the soup and gives you a hearty bite in every spoon full. She found her recipe in her Secret Recipe Club. If you’re not familiar with the Secret Recipe Club, make sure to check out her link in this recipe on her blog. I did, and I filled out a form to join as well. I can’t wait!  Head on over to see Karen over at Karen’s Kitchen Stories to pick up her recipe for Cheese Tortellini Soup with Kielbasa, Kale and Cannellini and while you’re there make sure to check out her phenomenal bread recipes!

Diane-Loaded-Bake Potato Soup

Diane’s mouth-watering Loaded Baked Potato Crock Pot Soup is made with some delicious creamy cheeses and some nice crunchy bacon on top to give it extra crunch and flavor. Seriously, I want to be Diane’s neighbor! Make sure when you visit her blog, you take some time and check out her amazing garden/landscaping that her and her husband have going on! It’s truly fantastic. You an pick up this tasty Loaded Baked Potato Crock Pot Soup by visiting Diane over at Homemade Food Junkie!

Megan - Roasted-Red-Pepper-and-Tomato-Soup_IMG_5076_680px

Megan has a delicious Slow Cooker Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup that’s loaded with fresh roma tomatoes and other tasty ingredients. This soup is loaded with roasted vegetables that gives this soup it’s unique and scrumptious flavors. Roasted vegetables are my all time favorite thing to add to any recipe. I’m sure a warm bowl of this Slow Cooker Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup is sure to please and fill everyone, I know it’s going to around here. Hope on over and see Megan at the Strawberry Blonde Kitchen and pick up your recipe for Slow Cooker Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup. While you’re there be sure to check out her recipe index for some more delicious meals. She has a Healthier Oven Baked Taco recipe I can’t wait to make!

Linda - Victory Chicken

Linda has a Victory Chicken and Bean Tortilla Soup that will be great for those game day meals! What better way to start of this cooler weather than with a nice hot bowl of this delicious soup. It’s loaded with all kinds of hearty goodness and will be on our Football Sunday recipe list! Head on over and see Linda at the Food Huntress blog and get your recipe for this wonderfully warm and hearty Victory Chicken and Bean Tortilla Soup. While you’re there be sure to check out her recipe index for some more exciting and delicious dishes.

Rosemary - fish-soup-1-of-1

Rosemary (coming to you from Rome via Toronto) has and Easy Italian Fish Soup to share with you and your family. This hearty fish soup that replenishes the body with that much needed omega 3. This delicious soup is an old family recipe that she picked up from her sister in law. After reading through the recipe and the ingredients I know have to make this for my husband. Although I’m not a fan of fish soup, he absolutely loves it and I can’t wait to make this on one of our cool fall days here in Maine. Head on over and see Rosemary over at An Italian in my Kitchen (I wish she was), and pick up your recipe for this scrumptious heartwarming Easy Italian Fish Soup recipe. While you’re there make sure to check out her recipe index for some more of her tasty recipes.

Bison Meatball Soup Recipe

Lastly I wanted to add one of our favorites here at The Gluten-Free Foodsmith to this wonderful Fall Into Soups round-ups. It’s my Bison Meatball Soup – and it’s a heart warming bowl full of comfort food loaded with goodness at its best. My mother always told me, a bowl of hearty soup can sooth even the most savages of beasts (grumpy people) in one bite. I have to thank April Anderson over at Girl Gone Wild for the inspiration in making this delicious hearty Bison Meatball Soup.

With fall is coming soon, there is nothing better or filling then a nice hot bowl of soup. It’s comfort for the heart and soul in one warm delicious bite. Although not all of these soups are gluten-free, they certainly look delicious. If you have any questions on converting any of these soups into a gluten-free version, just let me know and I will work that up for you! All these scrumptious looking soups are on my fall list of comforting foods to make!

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