8 Easy Lunches – with a few good friends!

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Here we are again, rounding up a few good friends for 8 easy lunches. I had so much fun sharing those brilliant breakfasts, that I am stoked to see what these folks have to offer for lunch. As always, my hat is off to the foodie bloggers and how hard they work to bring us the very best (and yummiest) recipes for our own kitchens. So let’s delve in and see just what we can find for lunch.

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8 Easy Lunches with a few good friends

1  – Chilled Avocado Soup w/Crab and Mango Garnish

Oh, goodness, but this looks so good. I love finding new ways to get my avocado fix. Linda from Food Huntress is serving up a delicious chilled avocado soup that is so easy to make that you may want to whip it up for every lunch of the week. Add the crab and mango and you have yourself an absolutely delish dish for just one of our easy lunches. YUM!

Chilled Avocado Soup - 1 Easy Lunches - Food Huntress
photo courtesy of Food Huntress

2 –  Oven BBQ Ribs

Who wants ribs for lunch? Just look at how yummy they look, all drenched in homemade sauce and spices. Brian from krumpli serves these ribs right up for a perfect Summer (heck, all seasons, really) time lunch. Now, he is what I would call a “Fancy Foodie”; not a bad thing, he makes everything from scratch (including the ketchup). And yes, these are BBQ’ed right in the oven. Be sure to check out his story to find out why! And then go ahead and ravish these ribs!

Oven Roasted BBQ Ribs - 2 Easy Lunches - krumpli
photo courtesy of krumpli

3 – Easy No Yeast Pizza Caprese

OmGosh, I love anything Caprese and this easy to make pizza looks so light and delicious! AND so easy to make (it says so right there in the title). Rosemary from An Italian in My Kitchen promises you’ll be serving this perfect (for lunch) pizza up in no time. And if you’re lucky, you’ll pluck those tasty tomatoes right from your own garden to garnish it. Caprese pizza for lunch? Yes, please!

Caprese Pizza - 3 Easy Lunches - An Italian in My Kitchen
photo courtesy of An Italian in My Kitchen

4 – Grilled Steak Salad w/Creamy Blue Cheese Dressing

So excited for this salad. I mean, just look at it. So scrumptious, sizzlin’ steak AND homemade blue cheese dressing? Serve it up! Which is what Renee from Joy in Every Season does – to perfection. You can add whatever you wish to this salad, but don’t forget to snag her homemade dressing recipe, easy to whip up and oh so good. What a perfect luncheon treat (or dinner in front of the telly 😉 ). Enjoy!

Grilled Steak Salad - 4 Easy Lunches - Joy in Every Season
photo courtesy of Joy in Every Season

5 – Roasted Peppers Parmesan

I was looking for another salad, something light, when I stumbled upon this tempting plate. Diane from Homemade Food Junkie recommends this dish as a side, perhaps. I do think it can make the whole meal! She has chosen well for this recipe – fresh garden peppers and spices, don’t forget the drizzle OR the bacon and cheese…okay, I’m almost drunk with it all. Just get on over there for a luscious light lunch, and enjoy!

Roasted Peppers Parmesan - 5 Easy Lunches - Homemade Food Junkie
photo courtesy of Homemade Food Junkie

6 – Roast Beef Sandwich

Okay, so when I saw this title from Karen at Karen’s Kitchen Stories, I naively thought it would be easy. An easy lunch, some kind of yummy roast beef sandwich. And it can be, if you realize what ingredients you would like, go the the grocery and snatch them all up. But Karen – she has made nearly everything from scratch – including the baguette and pickled onions. And so yes, if you do it her way, you won’t want to ever just snatch from the grocery again. Easy? Maybe not quite. But so worth every single detail. You’re welcome!

Roast Beef Sandwich - 6 Easy Lunches - Karens Kitchen Stories
photo courtesy of Karen’s Kitchen Stories

7 – Bloody Mary Burgers 

She had me at Bloody Mary and burgers. So YUM! These mind-blowing burgers bring with them one of my favorite cocktails – including a lovely homemade ketchup to dress. Megan from Strawberry Blondie Kitchen also likes her bloodies with extra olives (just an FYI). Back to that burger? It’s a BLOODY MARY BURGER. Should be a no-brainer. Though, you may want to go easy if this dish is a weekday lunch. Just a note! 😉

Bloodie Mary Burgers - 7 Easy Lunches - Strawberry Blondie Kitchen
photo courtesy of Strawberry Blondie Kitchen

8 – Egg Salad from Scratch

I love a good egg salad sandwich and so when I spotted this recipe from Tracy at Served from Scratch, I had to peep in to see how really easy it is. It IS. Easy lunches egg salad. YAY! Of course, she makes it all from scratch – the bread and mayo, and of course, the egg salad. Wait, her hubs makes the bread…and is a whiz with a fork, I hear. ANYway, it’s simple. A few eggs, some spices, the mayo and mustard, along with some celery, and you are on the way to a perfect egg salad sandwich. MmmMmm, good!

Egg Salad - 8 Easy Lunches - Served from Scratch
photo courtesy of Served from Scratch

And there you have it, 8 easy lunches. I’m so hungry right now, I could eat all 8. Right. Now. Probably not wise. But at least we have more than enough for an entire week of lunches. Easy.


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Please note: I made no delineation between gluten-free and gluten, above. If you have any questions regarding that, Tina would love to answer those and help you make the right choice, today! And thank you to all who participated in this roundup. I look forward to visiting with you again, very soon!

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