8 Delicious Dinners – with a few good friends!

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MmmMmm, good! We are rounding up 8 delicious dinners with a few good friends, today; and I am so excited to share. These folks have some seriously scrumptious dishes on the table and I will waste no time serving them to you. You’re welcome – to breakfast, lunch, and now dinner.

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8 Delicious Dinners with a few good friends

8 Delicious Dinners – with a few good friends!

1 – Meatloaf with Balsamic Mushroom Sauce

8 delicious dinners - meatloaf with balsamic mushroom sauce

Oh my goodness. Beginning with April from Girl Gone Gourmet, I’m in trouble. I landed on her main courses page and immediately saw Fettuccine Alfredo. A favorite, for sure. But I didn’t just want to choose that and beat feet. I needed to explore further. But the farther I got, the more I drooled. From Spaghetti to Pork and just about everything in between…how’s a girl to choose? Well. I did, finally settling on (not settling for, mind you) April’s Meatloaf with Balsamic Mushroom Sauce. Three of my favorite food things – meatloaf, balsamic ANYTHING, and mushrooms. What a wonderfully comfort food way to end the day – this delicious dinner is IT! (…and yes. of course she’s got mashed potatoes to go with…crockpot style – YUM!)

2 – Slow Cooker Corned Beef with Cabbage and Potatoes

8 Delicious Dinners - Slow-Cooker-Corned-Beef-with-Cabbage-and-Potatoes_IMG_5972_680px

Another favorite, Megan from Strawberry Blondie Kitchen has whipped up a most enjoyable feast and then is making us wait 8 whole HOURS to eat…hmmm…well it IS corned beef…most certainly worth the wait. And she’s right, we shouldn’t only eat it once a year in March. This tasty dish is a definite on the delicious dinners menu; so full of comfort and love, you’ll be glad you let it slow cook all day. And, if you’re inclined, pairing it with a good Guinness is just icing on the cake (yikes, desserts are NEXT week). But only if you are 21+. So go on, get comfortable, and enjoy this delicious dish!

3 – Chicken and Bell Pepper Chow Mein

Delicious Dinners - Chicken and Bell Pepper Chow Mein

Apparently, this is going to be a delicious dinners comfort food post. And Karen from Karen’s Kitchen Stories does not disappoint. First of all, she’s seriously smart regarding how to cook with a wok (just a few smart tips scatter about the post). AND she shares how best to finish the noodles once cooked. I had no idea, though I imagine it’s to keep them from continuing to cook once they are outta the pan. Very simple and very smart. I said. And oh YUM. Combining noodles, chicken, and bell peppers? Yes, please, serve it right up. Which she has, in a most delightful way. Thanks, Karen!

4 – Baked Chicken (Shawarma Style)

8 Delicious Dinners - Baked Chicken - Shawarma Style

She had me at Shawarma…this one is for Papi, who sorta has a thing about shawarma. I’m not entirely sure why. But. Baked chicken – it looks so good and so EASY, too. As she says, whip up the marinade, plop the chicken in the bag, then bake (I’m probably paraphrasing, but you get the gist). Oh WOW, my mouth is watering and my taste buds are doing the happy dance for this beautifully baked chicken (Shawarma style). Oops, so excited was I that I forgot to mention this delicious dinners recipe comes to you from Renee at Joy in Every Season – another tasty fav for sure!

5 – Italian Sausage Artichoke Pizza 

8 Delicious Dinners - Italian Sausage and Artichoke Pizza

Who wants PIZZA? Any night of the week? Yes, please. And thank you, to Rosemary from An Italian in My Kitchen for bringing this delicious dinner to us all the way from over there. YUM! This pizza is so easy to prepare that she says it’s a win-win and not just on the weekend. Whether you make your own dough or buy it pre-made, you won’t go wrong with this pie (I have to keep reminding myself that desserts are NEXT week). I love pretty much anything with artichokes and can’t wait to try this delish “dish”. Thanks again to Rosemary, who shows us that pizza night can be any night AND you may add any extra toppings you’d like. Oh YAY!

6 – Turkey Chili Cornbread Pie

8 Delicious Dinners - Turkey-Chili-Cornbread-Pie

HA! Another pie and it isn’t even desserts week, yet. But in keeping with our multi-themed delicious dinners idea (one pot ethnic fare for the most part), let’s try a little (or a lot, she warns it may be addicting) goodness from Linda at Food Huntress and make it Mexican night! SO good. This tasty dish has a bit of a kick if you follow Linda’s recipe. However, I do believe you can turn it UP or down, depending on your own individual taste. And who doesn’t love chili and cornbread? Nobody, probably. So go ahead, throw it all in one dish and enjoy this feast!

7 – Shrimp Ceviche Lettuce Wraps 

8 Delicious Dinners - Shrimp Ceviche Lettuce Wraps

Fish. That’s right. It deserves its place here in this delicious dinners roundup. And let’s make it a lighter fare. Tracy from Served from Scratch does just that AND shows us how we can, too. While she went on a little trip to pick up her shrimp, I’m sure you can find some just as tasty jumbo shrimp to make your lettuce wraps. (I loved reading that she’s a Red Sox fan, too – GOOOO Boston!) This yummy dish is simple and sweet – if you have leftovers, you’ll be able to enjoy it twice (just a little (shrimp) ceviche lettuce lunch for you). YAY!

8 –  Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole 

8 Delicious Dinners - Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole

I never ever would have thunk to use canned chicken but Diane has done just that for this delicious dinners recipe. She does recommend using a whole chicken instead but her hubs has a thing about chicken and…canned chicken CAN be used. Either way. Major YUM from Diane at Homemade Food Junkie. AND it’s low carb? Sign us up, please. I love a great chicken cordon bleu and to make it a casserole that doesn’t load up on carbs? She hooked me line and sinker, right there. If you want a tasty (“one pot”) meal, you’ll do well to feast on this delish dish. Enjoy!

And YUM! We are done rounding up delicious dinners – I do hope you’ll find something(s) to eat amongst these eight. I am so thrilled to have gotten to know these foodie folks a little more this month and happy to share them all with you. Till next week – we ARE doing DESSERTS.


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Please note: I made no delineation between gluten-free and gluten, above. If you have any questions regarding that, Tina would love to answer those and help you make the right choice, today! And thank you to all who participated in this roundup. I look forward to visiting with you again, very soon!

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What’s for dinner at YOUR house this week?


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