8 Brilliant Breakfasts – with a few good friends!

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I’m fairly sure that brilliant breakfasts may mean different things to different people. What’s your idea of sitting down to a brilliant breakfast? Was it easy to make? Quick? Spicy? Carb or Gluten-free? You know what you like. And maybe you’re looking for some new brilliant breakfasts ideas, to kick it up a notch or three.

Since Tina is away and I get to play (YAY!), I thought I’d share with you some of her (and quickly becoming my) favorite food blogging friends. There is something for everyone to change up, move around, and make your own, brilliant breakfasts, compiled below.


8 Brilliant Breakfasts

8 Brilliant Breakfasts – with a few good friends:

Classic Banana Walnut Bread

First up is Tracy from Served from Scratch. I think I’m already in trouble, here. Tracy has all of her fabulous recipes indexed for ease of use. WOWZA. That sure was handy. So much so that I quick installed an index here for Tina. I’m still tweaking the details, but I’ll share it down below. Hmmm…did I just hijack my own post? ANYway. Back to being served from scratch. I was going to maybe try and keep it healthy. Yah, well. Classic Banana Walnut Bread changed that, fast. So simple, from the ingredients and instructions to a most delicious warm slice of banana nut bread. And yes, just like my mom used to make. #YUM Oh, and if you are in love with bananas (it’s a thing… 🙂 ), Tracy has included a great roundup of what to do with the overripe ones (a rarity, but it happens). So, you get her fabulous recipe plus some other tasty banana treats. YAY! And enjoy…

Classic Banana Walnut Bread
photo courtesy of SERVED from Scratch


Vegetable Cream Cheese

My husband and kiddo are going to lose their minds when I whip up this yummy Vegetable Cream Cheese. Oh, April, why’d you have to go and make it so darn easy? And THANK YOU for making it so darn easy. Seriously. I had no idea. And since we have ALL been on the veggie cream cheese kick lately, I couldn’t pass this up. I usually end up buying two tubs when I shop it, because they don’t make a bigger tub version (I’m sure there’s an oz. indicator on there somewhere #technicalterms) and we go through it like we LIKE it like it. We do. So YAY, we can make our own. Good thing it’s grocery day tomorrow. Though, as April states, you’ve probably got all the ingredients right in your own crisper (just add spices). So go on, grab a bagel and spread the love vegetable cream cheese – it really is love…

photo courtesy of Girl Gone Gourmet

(okay, we might be in trouble. only two fab food folks in and I am planning to serve breakfast all day every day for the next two months. see? this is what happens when you put me in the kitchen. I’m more of an eating person, rather than a kitchen person…yikes! Tina, I’m trying awfully hard not to embarrass you, but your friends are making me drool over here…)

Next up?

Caramel Apple Monkey Bread

I can’t even. It’s like a caramel apple met some monkey bread and they had a baby. Megan from Strawberry Blondie Kitchen literally places (homemade) caramel pieces inside the biscuit dough and…well. She shouldn’t be too surprised if I show up on Christmas morning. Perhaps, it would be less awkward if she were making it on any other day and I stopped by. It just looks so darn good. And I could probably attempt to make this sweetness, myself. But remember, I’m more of an eater, not a kitchener. This Caramel Apple Monkey Bread recipe may be beyond my abilities, but I do think the reward is worth the toil. Go on and give it a try – it’ll be like waking up on Christmas morning every time you do!

photo courtesy of Strawberry Blondie Kitchen

Mexican Breakfast Casserole

Finally, something with eggs in it. I was beginning to worry that all these brilliant breakfasts were only going to be sweet (not that that’s a bad thing, I say). But no worries, Karen from Karen’s Kitchen Stories has saved the day with her Mexican Breakfast Casserole. And it looks so YUM. Perhaps a little spicy – but if you can’t handle the kick, you need not leave the kitchen. I’m sure she won’t mind if you switch it up for a gentler palette. And what a great recommendation to prep it the night before and let it bake in the morning while you enjoy your favorite drink (there was definitely a mention of Bloody Mary’s in there). Add a lovely fruit salad and you can invite the whole neighborhood in, just in time for a delicious breakfast designed to make you go MmmMMmm AWEsome!

Mexican Breakfast Casserole
photo courtesy of Karen’s Kitchen Stories

Breakfast Burrito

Another Mexican style breakfast? Yes, please. Diane from Homemade Food Junkie has a fabulous story to go along with her Breakfast Burrito recipe. Even her hubs loves this meal (he’s not a scrambled egg eater, she says…). And it really is a whole meal here in one tasty burrito. So easy to prep, too. Eggs, sausage, peppers, and cheese. YAY! Add some potatoes on the side (or inside, I think, if you wanna) and you have more than enough to feed the family. Oh, and be sure to grab her (best scrambled eggs EVER) tip while you’re there. Who knew? We can all thank her friend, Kayti for that! And how brilliant is this breakfast? So good, those easy peasy ingredients have already been added to my grocery list. YAY! Go on and get your own burrito stuffs and enjoy!

Breakfast Burrito
photo courtesy of Homemade Food Junkie

Chicken & Waffles

I didn’t have to go far in my quest for a brilliant breakfast from Renee’ at Joy In Every Season. As soon as I landed, I was treated to something I’d never had before – Chicken & Waffles. I’ve heard of it, but never had I ever had one single bite of this sweet meal. And she’s a southern girl. Though, she does mention these might be a little more SO CAL than the true south. But who cares? Combining fried chicken tenders with sweet and crunchy waffles, you can’t go wrong. Of course, she recommends using real maple syrup, a very popular Maine staple (where they don’t grow it any better anywhere else, I say). So if you love the tasty goodness of chicken and waffles in the morning (or any meal, I think), head on over and give Renee’s chicken and waffles recipe a whirl.

photo courtesy of Joy In Every Season

Homemade Cinnamon Raisin Bagels

And now we have bagels to go with our veggie cream cheese. Unless you prefer peanut butter on your Cinnamon Raisin Bagels. That’s how Rosemary does it and OMGosh, so good. She makes her own bagels, people! Brilliant. I love that this recipe was a “Make it Happen” pick. She and a handful of other bloggers enjoy whipping up something they’d never done before. Since having her favorite bagels is a rarity for Rosemary (it’s a geographical thing), she decided to make her own. And we all get to benefit (by making our own; I’m not just inviting us all over to her place for breakfast – though, if that’s on the table, I say, let’s EAT). Please note: these homemade cinnamon raisin bagels do require some fridge time before you bake them. It’s a two day process that is well worth the wait. YUM!

photo courtesy of An Italian in My Kitchen

…and last but certainly not least in our round up of brilliant breakfasts?

Southern Tomato Pie

This one has no eggs and isn’t a sweet…unless you count those tasty Vidalias – truly southern and so darn sweet. But you’ll pay no mind when you see what Linda from Food Huntress  has whipped up for our brilliant breakfast brunch. Southern Tomato Pie (yep, pie for breakfast!). So much yum here that I’m drooling all over the keyboard. If you want to have your pie and eat it, too, you best snatch this recipe up. I am already hoping there will be enough left over for seconds!! Chocked full of tomatoes, onions, cheese, and mayo (yep, it’s a binder. who knew?), this is one breakfast you don’t want to sleep through – the perfect complement for your brunch, too.

Freshly baked tomato pie with tomatoes on the vine.
photo courtesy of Stephanie Frey – stock.adobe.com

Please note: the photo above is a representation of Linda’s Southern Tomato Pie. For whatever reason, her photos aren’t showing up on my computer. No worries, you can take your own sweet pics when you bake this tasty pie!

And that’s all we have for this round up of brilliant breakfasts. I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy cooking any one (or more) of these delish dishes just as much as I enjoyed putting together this list. A whole week of brilliant breakfasts + one. Go on now, enjoy!

From their kitchens to yours,

Sandra Lynn @ GFF



Please note: I made no delineation between gluten-free and gluten, above. If you have any questions regarding that, Tina would love to answer those and help you make the right choice, today! And thank you to all who participated in this roundup. I look forward to visiting with you again, very soon!

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