Merry Christmas from Grammie and her babies!

Merry Christmas from Grammie and her babies!

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I do not have a recipe with food today, but I do have a recipe for being a happy Grammie!

Very seldom do I post pictures of my grandchildren on my blog, Although I do talk about them in almost every recipe that I create and post here, so I thought I would send out a Holiday greeting to all those that have helped me in my dreams of becoming a food blogger! I thought you would like to get to know my wonderful and beautiful grandchildren that I talk so much about.

Most everyone knows that I have seven grandchildren, but if you count them you’ll notice there are ten. One is my step granddaughter (I really dislike the word step, so I call her my lucky granddaughter), the other two I am Grammie by proxy, which means they are related to my grandchildren by friends, distant family and just because I love kids!

Merry Christmas from Grammie and her babies

My babies from the bottom row left to right – Ethan (my love), Patience (my girl), Kylie (my bugger butt), and Gavin (my sweetie pie). Top row left to right – Hope (my sweetie, and Grammie by proxy), Me (loving’ my shirt), Mason (my baby), Autumn (my ragamuffin), Piper (beauty eyes, Autumn’s little sister and Grammie by proxy), Autumn #2 (my cutie and my lucky granddaughter, Wyatte (Grammie’s Lil’ Man).

This picture was taken on Thanksgiving Day at our house! Somedays I think we need a bigger house, but then I look around and I just don’t want to give up this little home filled with tons of love.

I am so in love with all of my grandbabies. They are my life and keep me going each day. I stay so busy with this bunch from football games, to dance recitals, to crafts, and baking for each holiday for school! One of my favorite things is to show them how much they mean to me by always being there for them.

I am so thankful for their honest and pure love, as it keeps me grounded. Being part of these beautiful faces will always hold a smile in my heart, that they’ve filled with love.

Merry Christmas from Grammie and her babies!

From my busy home to yours,

Tina Marie


 Merry Christmas from Grammie and her babies!

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