I was awarded the Premio Dardos Award.

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I was awarded the  Premio Dardos award.

For those that don’t understand (neither did I at first) here is an explanation – The Premio Dardos, which means Prize Darts in Spanish, and it exists to acknowledge the value that each blogger shows in their own effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values every day. These stamps (buttons) were created with the intention of promoting more contact between bloggers. It’s kind of a way, of showing affection and gratitude for work that adds some value and knowledge, to the World Wide Web.

I feel very thankful for those that have taken the time to read through my world of recipes, and that I’ve been able to and hope to make an impact on someone. My thanks goes out to Roy at Poc with “A Piece of Cerebrum” for the nomination! I am greatly humbled and extremely honored for you to have bestowed this award to upon me, The Gluten-Free Foodsmith.


Roy’s Piece of Cerebrum is full of exciting and new recipes that are mouthwatering good! I can get stuck on his blog for a long time, just going through them to see what I’d like to make! Be sure to stop in and check out his latest recipe for Capsicum Clutches – a Teatime snack/starter and they look very tasty. Once again, thank you for this award.

Now it’s my turn to pass this on to a few other wonderful bloggers, and for them to do the same.

Rules are:

*Thank the giver for taking the time to nominate you. Post a link to their blog within your post, so others can check them out as well.

*Pass the award on to a few more bloggers of your choice, and let them know they’ve been nominated for this great award.

*A new edge has been added by “A Piece of Cerebrum” – Say 3 additional things about yourself, so everyone can get to know you. Let’s keep it fun, and it doesn’t have to be food related!

My nominations for the Premio Dardos awards are:

Byron Thomas – Pretty Practical Pantry – you can lose yourself on the blog!

Rosemary Mar – An Italian in my Kitchen – I would love to have her in my kitchen.

Renee Whiting – Joy in every Season – you can see the joy and love she puts into every recipe.

Molly Kumar – Easy Cooking with Molly – she started in the kitchen at 5 and has been cooking ever since.

Diane Williams – Homemade Food Junkie – I would love to cook with her and her grandchildren along with mine, in my kitchen! Lots of fun to be had!

Chris Kimball – Simple Food 365 – Chris and his wife make a wonderful team.

Katalina Kastraver – Peas and Peonies – Oh my! She has some really scrumptious looking recipes.

Congratulations to these wonderful food bloggers for all of their hard work and continuing efforts in bringing wonderful, delicious, and tasty recipes, and news, to all of us.

Oh, I almost for got to add my 3 fun facts about me, and here they are – I love to people watch while shopping. I think it’s fascinating. My heart is my family. My secret indulgence is a glass of red wine at night, sitting on my deck, while watching the stars, and listening the whispers in the wind.

Check out my latest post that has gone viral on Stumbleupon! Toasted Marshmallow Chocolate Cupcakes.

From my kitchen award to yours,

Tina Marie

 What are your fun 3 facts about you?

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    • Thanks Diane! I really enjoy your recipe for Sausage Sauerkraut Casserole. I’m a big sauerkraut fan, ssshhh, don’t tell anyone, but I love it cold!

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