Butane Torch Lighter

Butane Torch Lighter

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Let’s get Toasting with the Butane Torch Lighter and start having some fun in your kitchen today! When my grandson Ethan was here, we created some Toasted Marshmallow Chocolate Cupcakes using this wonderful butane torch lighter, to toast the tops of each one of these delicious cupcakes. Needless to say, the torching soon became his favorite part of baking that day (my grandson did not operate the torch, please see warning see bottom of post). Since making these cupcakes, I’ve use been using the Butane Torch Lighter almost everyday.

All of my grandchildren love a plain regular toasted marshmallow, and you can’t always start a fire just to accommodate them in their excitement of wanting one immediately. All I have to do now, is turn on the butane torch lighter and a roasting I will go. They’re amazed at how fast the browning takes and I’m amazed, at how quick and easy it was to make them.


The Butane Torch Lighter is very light weight, easy to hold and use for many different things! It sure is a lot different than the one I’m used to using. I’ve been using my husband’s work torch that’s at least 5 pounds. Try toasting the tops of 24 cupcakes or crème brulee with that thing! This butane torch lighter is so much easier! All you have to do is twist the knob on and click the switch – easy as that. It also comes with a nifty little stand so it stays up right once you’re through using it.

I even used the Butane Torch Lighter to crisp up some parmesan cheese as a topping over potatoes – yummy! Get your Butane Torch Lighter out and start browning or caramelizing your favorite foods, and watch the smiles on their faces!

From my kitchen to yours,

Tina Marie


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Warning – do not leave your child/grandchild unattended during the use of this product, the butane torch lighter becomes very hot and will burn. Children should not operate this product.

 How you like to brown the top of your favorite food?

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    • Megan, Creme Brulee is among one of my favorites. That rich creamy custard with the sweet light crisp of the topping…Yum, not I want some!

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