The Gluten-Free Foodsmith Loves to Yum on Yummly!

The Gluten-Free Foodsmith Loves to Yum on Yummly!

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The Gluten-Free Foodsmith Loves to Yum on Yummly!


Yummly! What is Yummly you ask! Well, Yummly is a fantastic place where you can find any recipe your heart desires! That’s right! Anything and everything is on Yummly. It’s a great place where I, The Gluten-Free Foodsmith, now publishes all of my recipes. What a wonderful thing. 🙂 You will not only find me there, but a whole slew of other great food bloggers.

I never realized how many wonderful, delicious, and inspiring recipes were out there, until I signed up for Yummly. Scrolling through recipe, after recipe, after recipe, gets me in the mood to head off to the kitchen, to whip up something scrumptious.

Yummly is a very user friendly website and comes with lots of directions! Yay! That makes things so much easier in my blog world. How many times have you subscribed to a place that just wasn’t easy to use? Well not Yummly! So, what are you waiting for? Head on over and get to yumming. You can even download the phone app to stay connected and look up great recipes, anytime day or night!

When you visit the recipes on The Gluten-Free Foodsmith, you will see a Yum button off to the side, just click on it, to Yum, and add it among the Yummly world of recipes! So if you’re not signed up yet, come on over and let’s get connected, so you can start Yumming your favorite recipes! Not only is it “the place to be”, but it’s a great place to connect! There’s only one warning that comes with Yummly – It Will Make You Hungry!

From my Yummly world to yours,

Tina Marie


Find me on Yummly and let’s Yum up the world together!

Are you on Yummly yet? If so, leave me a link to your publisher page, so I can yum up some of your favorite things.

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