All About That Chocolate – A Dessert Roundup for You!

All About That Chocolate – A Dessert Roundup for You!

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I’m All about that chocolate – a dessert round up for you! I’m mean seriously, who doesn’t love chocolate? Well I guess there are some who really don’t like it, but I haven’t personally come across very many of them yet! Maybe they’re hiding out there…somewhere. But, I guess it would be like being gluten-free…we are out there! This is for all the chocolate lovers out there. My granddaughter and I dance around in the kitchen when we’re baking up some chocolaty goodness singing…“We’re all about that chocolate, We’re all about that chocolate” to the tune of Megan Trainor’sAll About That Bass”. It seems to be our theme song for everything we do together. We just replace the words with what we’re doing and have fun with it.

This is for all those chocolate lovers out there. I thought I would do a roundup with some of my favorite, decadent chocolate recipes, and share them here with you.

Chocolate Dessert Roundup

All About That Chocolate – A Dessert Roundup for You!


Chocolate Whoopie Pies have always been a family favorite for my husband. He grew up with his mother making these for all and any occasions, so I adapted her (secret) recipe, switched things around a bit to make them gluten-free and came up with this amazing, now new recipe for Chocolate Whoopie Pies. – Special Thanks to my mother-in-law, Louise!

Double Chocolate Glazed Donuts

One of my personal favorites are these Double Chocolate Glazed Donuts! These tasty little bites are a light, fluffy, and oh so chocolaty wonderful dessert, they will satisfy every chocolate monster inside yourself and others! Sometimes you just have-to-have a donut along with a nice ice cold glass of milk.

White Chocolate Lace Cake

This White Chocolate Lace Cake is full of white chocolate goodness! Instead of the traditional chocolate I went outside the box and developed this one for the holidays. It’s loaded with Ghirardelli’s white chocolate and topped with a white chocolate glaze that was a hit with all my family members! Add some of your favorite fresh berries on top and bring on the celebrations.

Half Time Blackbean Brownies

I thought I would throw in something healthy, but full of chocolate deliciousness. These Half-Time Blackbean Brownies will have you and everyone else pleasantly and seriously, I mean seriously surprised! After everyone gets done with all raving reviews, that’s when you tell them…they were made out of blackbeans. They will be flocking back to the dessert plate to grab more!

Chocolate Bliss

Last, but not least is this Chocolate Bliss cake. This was one of the first family recipes that I started re-vamping and I owe yet another special thank you to my mother-in-law Louise for her awesome recipe. The original/first recipe belonged to her mother. It’s the famous Roy chocolate cake. I think I am very lucky that she gave it to me and I was able to put my own spin on the original. Now, on those special days, I’m serving a slice of love on a plate, just like she did and her mother did, for many years.

Now that this All about that chocolate – a dessert roundup for you got all those chocolate taste buds working overtime, pick your favorite from the list and give all those chocolate lovers in your home a special treat tonight. Oh, and for all those non-chocolate lovers (if they’re really out there), check out some of my other sweet or not so sweet recipes.

From my kitchen to yours,

Tina Marie


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