Boost Your Body Naturally with Organic Matcha Tea Powder

Boost Your Body Naturally with Organic Matcha Tea Powder

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Organic Matcha Tea Powder is a wonderful way to start your morning! Matcha tea contains a well-known ingredient (polyphenol EGCG), to help increase your awareness and beef up your metabolism to enhance your focus and energy. Its energy that will last at lot longer than that burst you may get from a shot of coffee, and it’s healthier for you.  Matcha will steadily release its energy affects without that crash coffee or other caffeinated drinks can bring.

When we first tried Organic Matcha Tea Powder we were a little hesitant because the smell reminded me of kelp, (I’m not too crazy about kelp) but in the end we decided to give it a try. We thought a smoothie would be the best for our first go round, and surprisingly it tasted really good. I whirled ours up with a handful of fresh baby spinach, ripe banana, and half a granny smith apple, along with some ice and water. You can use milk, but I chose water for that dairy free boost for our afternoon workout. The Matcha smoothie gave us all the energy we needed to get us both through a grueling workout, and we still felt wonderful at the end of a high impact hour!


After realizing the effects of the Organic Matcha Tea Powder and all the beneficial properties it offers, I decided to incorporate some of this wonderful powder into cupcakes, and into the icing. Wow! I was amazed at the taste! The smoothie was really were good, but those cupcakes were to die for! After reading more about the ingredients I realized I am giving to my family something that has 7x’s more antioxidants than dark chocolate! Yep, that’s right, better stuff for their bodies without them even knowing!

Organic Matcha Tea Powder can help improve your digestive health as well as rejuvenating healthy skin! Which, at my age, I’m all about good health and glowing skin. My husband and I have been using the Match powder for about 3 weeks now and have incorporated it daily into our foods.

Enzo stands behind their product and if you’re not satisfied with your Organic Matcha Tea Powder you can return the package and they will refund your money  – they even have a guarantee. Can’t ask for a better way to try and add Organic Matcha Tea Powder to your daily routine.

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