A Month of Sundays in May – Breakfast Roundup

A Month of Sundays in May – Breakfast Roundup

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A Month of Sundays in May Breakfast Roundup is a great addition to any family recipe book. With summer fast approaching (Yay!), and those extra busy days of hurried schedules, drop-offs and pick-ups for the end of the school year, I thought it would be a great idea to put together a month of weekend breakfast planning of recipes for some great family time in the kitchen. With the busy lives we all seem to have at this time of year, and actually, throughout the year – it would be great to have the weekend’s mornings planned.


For the month of May we have five Sundays, so I’m sharing five recipes to help get you started in planning your weekends ahead of time. Remember, you don’t have to stick to this schedule…you can change it up to fit your busy day.

A Month of Sundays in May – Breakfast Roundup

Better Blueberry Pancakes

First up we have these wonderful Better Blueberry Pancakes that have one of my secret ingredients, and sssh, I’ll be sure not to tell anyone how you got them to be so fluffy and light! This is a quick and easy breakfast that I’m sure everyone is going to love. You can change them up and use another fruit instead of blueberries if you’d like.



Eggstra Pepper Licious Delights

Next we have Eggstra Pepper-Licious Delights, which are sure to delight even the pickiest eaters. These are very simple to make and will have the kids waiting at the oven door. Get them involved and have them pick out their favorite bell peppers, and then crack their own egg into the pepper ring. If you’ve shown them this trick before, perhaps they may surprise on this Sunday – Mother’s Day.



Grammies AppleSauce Pancakes

For the third Sunday of the month of May we have Grammie’s Applesauce Pancakes! What a sweet and delectable home comfort breakfast these pancakes are. Everyone loves how their grandmother made pancakes while they were growing up, and these are memories on a plate. Make sure you make extras to have on hand as a snack later on during the day. Add a little whip cream on top and everyone will be lining up for a plate of Grammie’s Applesauce Pancakes.



For the fourth Sunday in May, I’ve picked my Simply Simple Egg Muffin Baskets. These eloquent tasty little bites are great to serve for a big family gathering. You can put these out in large quantities, and you will have everyone eating at the same time! These little baskets are so easy to make that the big kids can whip them up in no time at all. Oh, and the cleanup is a breeze.




For the fifth Sunday in May to round up the month, I’m sharing some Wicked Good Waffles. These light and airy waffles are a dream. Top them with your favorite fruit or syrup, or use both! You can even go Waffle-Ala-Mode and add your favorite ice cream or whipped topping with a drizzle of some chocolate syrup over the plate! Doesn’t matter how you serve them…you can’t go wrong!


I hope A Month of Sundays in May Breakfast Roundup will make your weekends in May a little more fun! Planning ahead makes my hurried schedule a little easier to handle. Remember to get those kids involved in the making of these delicious breakfast recipes; you’ll be adding some more family traditions to their memory books.

From my kitchen to yours,

Tina Marie


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