Welcome to The Gluten-Free Foodsmith – It’s Hyphenated!

Welcome to The Gluten-Free Foodsmith – It’s Hyphenated!

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Hi there and welcome to The Gluten-Free Foodsmith, a brand new foodie website devoted to bringing you all sorts of delectable gluten-free (and some non gluten-free, if that’s a thing…) delights to please every palette. Bringing you those tasty recipes – for every meal of the day – is my dear friend, Tina Marie. I won’t spend too much time introducing her to you; rather I expect she’ll want to do that, herself.

However, I do want to let you in on something right from the start…

Welcome to The Gluten-Free Foodsmith

…it’s hyphenated.


I’ve always hyphenated this “word”, simply because it looks right to me that way. Alas, while I do proclaim myself a writer – I do tend to take some liberties with this language we call English. So, when Tina and I began to move forward with the building of her website, I wanted to make sure (I, the builder; she, the “client”) that we had it right.


So I went a’lookin’ for the answer here on the old inter-tubes. Searched it right up, I did. Finding the right answer to my very important question did take a minute or two, but I was able to determine that using the hyphen between gluten and free is the proper way to go about it.

Why the hyphen?

Because “gluten” is a noun and “free” is the modifier of that noun. We are modifying gluten and making it FREE. To do so, we must use a hyphen. ALWAYS.

And so, here at The Gluten-Free Foodsmith, we (Tina Marie, mostly) will always have the lovely little hyphen in place. Boy HOWDY, do I feel good getting that all squared away.

As for what’s to come here on the site?

Well, I’m still building it, as you may see. It’s 3 days before Christmas 2014 and I’m not sure which of us is more excited about getting the site up and running – a wonderful present for us both. You probably won’t see much of me after this post (although, I’m not promising anything…I will be hanging out at the back end) but what you will see are some amazing food choices for the every day person who must be careful about gluten. I don’t want to give too much away – this is Tina Marie’s gig – but if you’ve been following along over at Informed Sharing, then you already know how good she is in the kitchen.

Welcome to The Gluten-Free FoodsmithRest assured, we are just getting started and are so excited to be taking it all to the next level with The Gluten-Free Foodsmith.

Stay tuned, you’ll be meeting Tina Marie very soon!

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn @ GFF


If you’re wondering (and as I do like to give credit where credit is due – here is where I found my hyphen answer! Thanks, Jo-Lynne!

Want to watch me build this site? Bookmark this page and check in daily to see the changes. Don’t miss out as Tina Marie begins sharing tempting recipes, as well! And remember – sharing is caring! Thank you for stopping by!

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